Fiona Johnson
Certified Life Coach, DISC Certified Trainer, Motivational Speaker


Speaking life into any situation or circumstance is what we are about – whether it’s in your Schools, Churches, Organizations or a Community group of leaders. Our aim is to bring the message of hope to you wherever you are.  We will bring forth that which is inside of you to the forefront and ignite the source from which you need to operate.

The power you need to be the best you can be is already inside of you, the courage you need to get to that next stage in your life is in you – we are here to realign your focus, alter the filters from which you see things and allow you to view the fullness of who you truly are.

We are here to create synergy within your organizations allowing leaders to lead with confidence, integrity, fairness and honesty; creating an environment of inclusiveness while maintaining and achieving the Win-Win effect.

It you dare to dream it, we WILL speak life into it.

Let’s do it.

Our motivational program aims to be a source of inspiration and will help you to:

  • Train your mind and to redirect your perspective
  • Guide you to release the thoughts that hold you captive and sluggish by realigning your focus
  • Encourage you to dream bigger and set higher goals
  • Challenge you to step out of your comfort zone
  • Make lasting impressions
  • Face difficult decisions and hold yourself accountable
  • Guide you through the planning stages to the final stages
  • Guide your thoughts from where they are now to where they MUST be in order to make your dreams reality

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Fiona Johnson

Fiona Johnson
Bestselling Author
Certified Success Coach
DISC Certified Trainer/Teacher
Motivational Speaker

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